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Remarkable Indonesia

Indonesian Iconic Paviliun is an unique products showcase available only at Trade Expo Indonesia. It showcase only the best products and services made in Indonesia. The varieties of products presented here are simply unlimited both in innovation and quality.

Located in Hall D, Jakarta International Expo Remakable Indonesia is the theme for this year Iconic Paviliun. The message is simple, vivid; "Come and discover the limitless potential of Indonesia, we'll be wating for you"

Products Zoning

Remakable Indonesia is divided into 8 (eight) zone each with its own specific products.

Destination Indonesia
If you travel, you'll know Bali, paradise island in Indonesia. Famous worldwide in Travel and Tourism Industry, Indonesia offer limitless travel destinations guarantee to satisfy you travel needs. Some of travel destination offers are:

  • Marine Travel (Raja Empat Papua (Papua), Batubolong (Komodo Island))
  • Land Travel (Banyan Tree in Bintan)
  • Cultural & Agrotourism (Kingdom of Muara Takus, Jambi, Komodo Island National Park).

WOW area showcase products from indonesia for the world

  • Agro-potential. Ex: wasabi, red ginger, curcuma
  • Waste to new potential: panser (canon 90mm, dll.), fire motorbike, water canon M1W-40
  • Arts Performance

Undiscover Indonesia showcase Indonesia Potential Products ready to be discover. It's a pearls in the sea, all you have to do is found it

  • Tea for the queen
  • Kopi luwak (luwak coffee)
  • Nilou Jelantik shoes
  • Lamps from oil filter
  • Furniture from reel tracks
  • Nicole Kidman Furniture
  • Alanis Jewelry
  • South Sea Pearl, Sea Salt, etc

Surprisingly Indonesia showcase list of Indonesian Strategic Products

  • Robots
  • Wing Airbus
  • Fire Trucks, Panzer, Anti Asult Sensors, etc

Indonesia, A Hidden Treasure showcase world's most treasured products origins from indonesian

  • Sea Cucumber (teripang), Tropical Aquaplants
  • Herbal (Rosella Flower, etc), Neem Tree (Pohon Intaran), Maizena from corn
  • Burung wallet (swallow bird)

Indonesia Opportunity showcase list of potensial industries for investors

  • Mining and Minerals
  • Infrastructure
  • Forestry, Plantation, etc

Indonesia Discovers showcase list of human resources service industries

  • Painters, Scrupters, Designers
  • Professional Chefs, Nurses, Architects, Landscapers
  • Dancers, Musicians, DJ, etc

Indonesia, Time to Explore showcase list of Creative Service and Industries

  • Animations
  • Comics, Interactive Games
  • Graphic Designers, IT