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Business Matching is a Matchmaking program designed exclusively for getting Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2017 buyers and seller well connected on a win-win solution basis, where the buyers find what product they seek and the sellers meet the buyers' needs for specific products at the right quantity, right price.

TEI 2017 Business Matching is the first step for both buyers and exhibitors towards getting the right match through a session of direct interactions and negotiations to close a business deal as well as partnership scheme, right at TEI 2017 Business Matching session. It's the time where and when prospective buyers can inspect specific products and commodities pursuant to their pre-matched inquiries.

TEI 2017 business matching will take place at Garuda Room 9 and 11 at ICE BSD-City on October 12 through 15. In both rooms, buyers can register on the spot or from our mobile application. Buyers can have an intensive meeting with the exhibitors. Such a direct meeting is surely a prelude to a successful venture for building up a business partnership and cooperation as it is marked with an agreement or MoU for business deals to be made.

Please make sure that you'll not miss your once-in-a-year international business matching at Trade Expo Indonesia 2017. Just a SMALL note, last year's TEI business matching came up with BIG with 41 countries and 565 companies got their match. Now that Indonesia's gaining stronger global recognition including the "Investment Grade" rating by Standard's & Poor, the time is even getting better for you to maximize what TEI 2017 has to offer.


Thursday, 12th October 2017 - Sunday, 15th October 2017
First Session Second Session Third Session
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM 03:00 PM - 05.00 PM

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